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  • The FeelQ ADE Special Episode will air on our YouTube channel on Sunday, the 4th of October at 10 pm IST.

  • Witness a new beginning; a new chapter of stunning artworks, starting this October 17th.

  • Check out our brand new weekly updated playlists on Spotify , customized for your personal use.

  • We are constantly looking for innovative music. Send us your best work and be a part of our growing family of artists.


Welcome to our Official Website

Welcome to the official website of FeelQ Recordings. After 2 years of dedication and hard work, this website has been finally kickstarted. Its a one-stop shop for everything FeelQ, whether you want to check out our releases or get to know more about the label.

With various sections and in-depth content, we are creating a brand new all-in-one platform for all artists and label enthusiasts.

We are now focusing a lot more on bringing out fresh, quality music for you to enjoy listening to. FeelQ has always been a big, global family for all budding artists and dance music enthusiasts across the globe. We are excited to see everyone's response on our approach to release new and fresh dance music from our family of next generation artists. We are here to provide maximum exposure for every talented artist and give the opportunity they dream about.

We take pride in providing a platform to immensely talented artists who have further signed big international labels and we will always be pleased to release music by such talented artists.

Get ready for the next wave of quality music content from our side and a new generation of talents to foreseek.

By Staff Reporter.

Artist : Jesus O.G

FeelQ Instagram Takeover : Melli

Melli will be taking over our official Instagram account on 25th July, Saturday, 2020

FeelQ Recordings Presents :

FeelQ Radio

We are very proud to present our very first radio show.

FeelQ Recordings Presents :

Live-stream Sessions

Live demo sessions and project walk-through


FeelQ Recordings Presents : ADE Sampler 2019


FeelQ Recordings Presents : Goa Sampler 2019 

EP release date : 30 December 2019

The FeelQ Goa Sampler is here! As heard on the latest FeelQ Radio Episode, every track is a

high-energy tune, arriving just in time for the Sunburn festival and is the best way to mark the end of the year!